Welcome to Get Real Martial Arts

Welcome To Get Real Martial ArtsWe have programs available for all ages, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Greco/Roman Wrestling. Private Lessons in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, and Stick and Knife Fighting are also provided.


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Whether you are new to training, just want to get back in shape, want to learn self-defense or have more competitive aspirations in mind, we have a program designed especially for you. We keep your goals in mind and exceed them together, in a Safe, Clean, Fun Environment.


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Fitness Programs

Fitness TrainingOur fitness and conditioning programs are among the best in the world. No one is able to do what we do to bring you the best and quickest way to Functional Strength Training, Weightloss and Control, Joint Mobility and Rejuvenation, Flexibility and Endurance.

We turn to the fitness and conditioning principles and concepts of the very best physical specimen ever, the late Bruce Lee. Don't believe Bruce is the gold standard for fitness, ask Arnold Schwarzenegger or any of today's body builders or fitness guru's. We invite you to come in for a "FREE Try It" Class and experience our GORIILA FIT/KETTLEBELL CLASS. This class can customize your workout from novice to professional athlete.

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Private Personal Training

Adults Martial Arts Training Is now available to you! We offer circuits, intervals, sequencing, isometrics, plyometrics, tabata, body weight, weight resistance, mobility, Navy Seal and Bruce Lee's fitness and conditioning training and much much more...Cost $50 per hour. Contact Tom Today at 336-425-8653 or email .

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