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Boost your physical resilience-to repel the hardest hits. Build your staying power-to endure and conquer, whatever the distance. Create a potent mix of strength-with-flexibilty-to always reach your target. Forge a fighter's physique-so form matches function. Get Real Fitness programs are designed to develop the best in physical fitness.


We utilize cross fit training methods like body weight excercises, kettlebells, cardio kickboxing, plyometrics, isometrics, Navy Seal exercises and Bruce Lee's exercise programs to bring you the very best fitness & conditioning program on the planet. This program for men and women is designed to take you cardio through the roof, back it down slightly but maintain that high cardio rate throughout the session.

If you are done with boring cardio machines, muscle tearing dysfunctional weight lifting, and developing bulky beach muscles then come in today for a "FREE TRY IT" Class of Gorilla Fit/Kettlebells. We will train you in a way you never felt possible. You will gain Functional Strength, the kind you need for energy for everyday living demands or to increase your ability in your favorite sport. Stop the dishonor of fad dieting and hamster like treadmill training today. Get a strong tight core and toned arms and legs. Get your "mojo" back. Fit into that bathing suit with pride! Feel better about yourself and about life! Call or email Tom today or  just stop by to take your FREE Class! This class is for beginners to professional athletes. Step up to the CHALLENGE and TRANSFORM your BODY in just 90 days! Call Tom now at 717-874-9373 or email .

1/2 hour: $25
1 hour: $50
Available as Private lessons ONLY

I had trouble getting the results I wanted until I started Kettlebell training with Tom. I have lost over 30 pounds. While working my core, my energy has returned.


Our most intensed training program. Gorilla CageFit is designed to Condition a Mixed Martial Arts Competition Cage Fighter. We can accommodate everyone of any fitness level, from beginner to professional athlete by designing the work out specifically for you. Training activities include Weight Resistance using Weights and Kettlebells, Body Weight Exercises, Plyometrics, Tractor Tire Flipping and Sledgehammer Hitting, Sandbags, Grappling Dummies, Heavybags, Speed Bags, Double End Bags, Isometrics and much, much more.
(1hr Session)

1/2 hour: $25
1 hour: $50
Available as Private lessons ONLY

*Very few will be able to complete a full two hour seesion, as long as you give it your all there is no problem if you leave the session sooner!


We will Customize a Fitness Program to Increase Health & Wellness in your business.We specialize in Functional Strength and Cardio Fitness. Whether we do a program featuring Body Weight Excercises, Kettlebell Exercises or Self-Defense for Exercise you will see the results immediately! Stop the fad diets and treadmill machines. Burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time, feel good about your appearance. A physically happy employee is a mentally happy productive employee. Lower absenteeism. Start a lunch time program, or a monthly or quarterly program for your employees and staff.  Receive discounts for your employees at our local gym. Call or Email Tom Today for a FREE CONSULTATION, to Customize YOUR Program, chose a Location, Date and Time

"I benefit from and strongly recommend "Get Real's" corporate fitness and self-defense programs. Tom design a customized fitness program that meets our conditioning goals, time constraints and budget. Tom's program provides real functional strength (Tom is a genius in the art of kettlebells),  increased cardio and decreased health costs. It's the most effective and efficient conditioning investment I've ever made.

Bud Handwerk - President
Annamar Assoiciates, Inc. Mount Joy, PA 17552
(717) 492-9420 or

IF YOU ARE READY FOR A CHALLENGE and would like to TRANSFORM YOUR BODY In Just 90 Days, Contact Us for more information.

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Tom, I just want to thank you again for the outstanding training and hospitality you and all your coaches and students showed us at Get Real. From the moment I walked through the door I felt like I had walked into the home of a friend. Your wonderful spirit showed from the first time you greeted us, thanking us for coming. However, it is us, the students who should be forever grateful to you for sharing your extensive knowledge and working so hard to put it into a format that can be easily understood.


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