Our three core principles are Truth, Aliveness and Adaptability.

  • Truth - "What does and doesn't work".
  • Aliveness - "Training against a fully resisting opponent".
  • Adaptability - "Able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions".

We base our curriculum on core delivery systems of stand up, clinch and ground. Our most common Get Real member is your everyday person who works full-time, has a family, goes to school and is looking for fun, fitness and community. Get Real is for everybody!

(aka "The Spider Monkeys" Program)

Our state of the art program gives your child the opportunity to learn, mature and grow, while developing confidence and improving discipline. Your child's concentration, coordination and fitness level will greatly increase. Classes are based on a NoGi Submission Grappling System (utilizing elements of Wrestling & Brazilian Jiu-Jjitsu nogi). Kickboxing (utilizing elements of Boxing/Kickboxing/MuayThaiKickboxing. Structured for Class is taught in a safe, supervised environment.

Kids ages 4-13. 50 mins.


Get Real GorillaFit

Get Real GorillaFit

Utilizing Kettlebell resistance training with a large variety body weight exercises. Weight loss and control, flexibility and a toned body, strength and conditioning.

Ages 14 and up. 1/2 hour

Get Real CageFit

Get Real CageFit

Utilizing Kettlebell resistance training with body weight exercises. Plyometrics and explosiveness with endurance. Total strength and conditioning. Done in a MMA Championship Fight manner, uses 5 - five minute rounds with one minute of rest.

Ages14 and up. 1/2 hour

Get Real Kickboxing

Get Real Kickboxing

Boxing/Kickboxing/MuayThaiKickboxing. Great for the Fitness, the Self-Defense or the MMA enthusiast.

Ages 14 and up. 1 hour

Get Real NoGi Grappling

Get Real NoGi Grappling

Free Style Wrestling, Greco/Roman Wrestling with techniques and submissions from NoGi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Clinch, Takedowns, Ground Submissions for Sport, Self-Defense and MMA. Great for the Fitness, the Self-Defense and the MMA enthusiast.

Ages 14 and up. 1 hour

Get Real MMA Competitive Team

Get Real MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
Competitive Team

Boxing/Kickboxing/MuayThaiKickboxing formated specifically to the MMA athlete. Submission Grappling utilizing Submission Wrestling, Greco/Roman Wrestling, techniques and submissions from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Catchascatchcan. Ground N Pound, Clinch Fighting, Takedowns, Sprawls, Throws, Chokes, Locks, Transitions etc.  Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Endurance, Flexibility, Weight Control, Diet and Nutrition.

Ages 18 and up. 1 hour


Get Real Kids Class: "Spider Monkeys" Program
Kids Ages 4-8 — 45 min. class $24 per month
Kids Ages 9-13 — 60 min. class $29 per month

GorillaFit — $5 per class

Standard Plan: Get Real Kickboxing (includes GorllaFit & Kickboxing) — $39 per month

Gold Plan: Get Real NoGi Grappling (includes GorillaFit, Kickboxing & NoGi Grappling) — $59 per month

Platinum Plan: Get Real MMA Competitive Team (includes GorillaFit, Kickboxing, NoGi Grappling, CageFit & MMA) — $79 per month


CONTACT Tom Ridgeway
Phone/Text: 336-425-8653

Group classes 1st Week FREE — No Contracts.

We also offer Private Lessons, Small group Lessons and Large Group Seminars.
Occasional Classes "To Be Announced" include:

Self-Defense Classes: For Women, Business People and Corporations

Camps for Kids, MMA, Grappling, Kickboxing & Fitness

Special Programs: Leadership, Coaching, US Navy Seal Team Six - Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT) Program. IPTP Intensive Personal Training Programs, and much more. 

Military & LEO Discounts Available

Military & LEO Discounts Available.

We do attend Grappling Tournaments as well as MMA and Kickboxing Fight Competition Events.

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Tom, I just want to thank you again for the outstanding training and hospitality you and all your coaches and students showed us at Get Real. From the moment I walked through the door I felt like I had walked into the home of a friend. Your wonderful spirit showed from the first time you greeted us, thanking us for coming. However, it is us, the students who should be forever grateful to you for sharing your extensive knowledge and working so hard to put it into a format that can be easily understood.


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