Our three core principles are Truth, Aliveness and Adaptability.

  • Truth - "What does and doesn't work".
  • Aliveness - "Training against a fully resisting opponent".
  • Adaptability - "Able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions".

We base our curriculum on core delivery systems of stand up, clinch and ground. Our most common Get Real member is your everyday person who works full-time, has a family, goes to school and is looking for fun, fitness and community. Get Real is for everybody!

Get Real is a non-traditional, functional self-defense training facility. We DO NOT bow, salute, use titles, belts, dead pattern forms/kata, yell or punch and kick air. Moves and technique training just doesn't do it, against a fully resisting armed/unarmed attacker. We are not  FANTASY based. You will not get magical powers from us, to beat up the football team. If you have a choice between traditional martial arts or joining Field Hockey or Rugby Team, choose the Field Hockey or Rugby Team. The athleticism of sports and being in shape will help you more.

Get Real Martial Arts


Our first self-defense goal is EDUCATION to help you avoid possible dangerous, violent situations through our M.I.N.D. program.
M - Maturity
I - Intelligence
N - Notice (surroundings)
D - Deterrence, Distance, Deescalation

INTUITION: Assertiveness and setting boundaries without fear of offending, and by ALL means LISTENING to YOUR INTUITION!
The M.I.N.D. Program is the MOST important part of our training. Only when you are face to face with the predator does self-defense come in to play. Everything else is M.I.N.D.


ALIVE Training Philosophy:  Training against a FULLY resisting opponent. Safe, Progression Sparring Methods in three ranges, standing, clinch and ground. Our coaches are among a handful of coaches in the world who can teach striking in a safe yet effective manner. Expect the attack to go to the ground. Don't let a street attack be the first time you experience aggressive physical contact, with a bigger, stronger person. Our Clinch and Ground work will prepare you this situation.

ALIVENESS training consists of ENERGY (resisting opponent), TIMING and DISTANCE. 

ENERGY - It is important to have your training opponent attack you in anyway they wish without announcing their attack. This will prepare you for the unpredictable nature of a violent attack.

TIMING - The ability to successfully use your offense/defense and to frustrate your opponent.

DISTANCE - Movement, to successfully manage distance between you and your opponent. Allowing for successful use of offensive/defensive maneuvers or escape.



We use Combative Sport Delivery Systems. Why? Because they are functional and battle tested. We utilize elements of Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Greco/Roman Wrestling and Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu. How can you possibly defend yourself without the skills of these "ALIVE" Delivery Systems. Do we use the rear naked choke, upkicks, eye jab, knee to the groin of course, but these would be useless without training the delivery systems. These training methods are mentally and physically healthy for our students.


Beating up a padded man who offers NO real resistance is not gaining real confidence. In fact, it can become very detrimental when a real violent encounter arises. Real confidence derives from training methods that are real, functional and based on your performance against a resisting opponent.


Our training is the same for Men, Women & Teens. We do understand that women have many self-protection concerns that men do not have to face, like size, strength, living in the land of giants, getting on an elevator alone with a man and returning home late. Being aware of these real concerns, we strive to empathize and provide for your specific situations and needs. You do have everything you need in your DNA to protect yourself, but living in modern society it has has been suppressed. We just help you to bring it out. Assert yourself. In our self-defense program we do not rely on power and strength based strikes and kicks for men or women. In fact, we find better, alternate methods through conceptual and instinctive based training philosophies.


Our clients are hard working people from all walks of life. They are between the ages of 15 and 70. They are looking for better health, and real confidence in order to navigate the world. They would like to have a plan to avoid violence, or confront if absolutely necessary.


My first impulse was to layout a number of successful physical self-defense stories told to me by my students over the years. The stories are incredible. Instead, I think it's a more valuable service, to let you know that many more times, my students have used the M.I.N.D. program to avoid, deter and deescalate a possible violent altercation. If you still want to hear the other stories, I can tell you in person! lol

Get Real Martial Arts Rank and Belt Test


My training sessions are all private lessons or you may bring 2 or more of your friends to train with you.  My schedule is flexible. Cost of a one hour private lesson is normally $50. We are now offering for a limited time, the one hour private lesson at $35.  Lock in the $35 price now and save. You may bring 2 or more friends to train with you at $20 per person. You and 1 friend = $20 each $40 total. You and 2 friends = $20 each $60 total...and so on. Call or Text NOW. 336-425-8653 or email


There are no long term contracts. The time and effort you put into your training is important. Since we are PERFORMANCE Based, you and you alone will determine your training time. I will tell you, if you take responsibility for your training and are able to apply conceptual and critical thinking, you will get very good very fast.


We are as concerned with your safety as you are. It's kind of ironic, but the more contact you make in training under proper supervision with the right protective gear, results in fewer injuries. In fact, you will not receive any injury outside of an occasional bruise or sore muscle.


Training like we do is more fun than you would think. We keep an ego free environment, with an atmosphere that is fun but at the same time conducive to learning.

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Tom, I just want to thank you again for the outstanding training and hospitality you and all your coaches and students showed us at Get Real. From the moment I walked through the door I felt like I had walked into the home of a friend. Your wonderful spirit showed from the first time you greeted us, thanking us for coming. However, it is us, the students who should be forever grateful to you for sharing your extensive knowledge and working so hard to put it into a format that can be easily understood.


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